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Student’s Perspective: Once you know how (to play a new piece), it’s an amazing feeling!

Here’s a little post from one of my student’s mom on Facebook that I really got a kick out of:)…

Jane Kaufman: Simply Music method transforms frustrated pianist into budding beginner

I grew up in a house with a beautiful Chickering baby grand and with a mother who seemed to produce…

Bubb Elementary School Silent Auction Piano Party

Thanks to my students Lia Escobar and Nina Haywood for hosting last Friday’s “Never Too Old to Learn the Blues”…

Welcome to Mountain View Piano

Greetings and welcome to Mountain View Piano.
My name is Amanda Griffith, and I teach piano, guitar, woodwinds and voice to children and adults.

Fall Registration is Now Open!
Call 650-964-1552 today for our Free Introductory Session.


  • Education Consultant for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

    “This is a wonderful music program and the results are astounding! Even if you don’t consider yourself musically talented, this program is designed for you! It is easy to understand and easy to play a full repertoire of beautiful songs from a variety of genres. I also think this program could be a major breakthrough for children with a variety of cognitive delays and learning disabilities. I love the Simply Music approach.”

    Dr. Anne Margaret Wright
  • Executive Produce-Primetime, Discovery Channel

    “Let me begin by saying just how thrilled I am with the Simply Music program. I’m playing better now than I did after years of traditional lessons. I hope you continue to provide even more advanced studies, for a long, long time to come.”

    Steve Manuel
  • Palmyra, Wisconsin

    “I bought your programs a few months ago. I have to tell you I love the program. I’m 33 years old, and never had a chance to learn to play piano. I am totally enjoying the program, with the video it’s like you are right here with me as I am learning. My seven year old daughter has taken an interest and has begun to practice as well. It is so awesome to play ‘Dreams Come True’ with my two girls beside me singing. I do however have a problem with Jackson Blues….I can’t get it out of my head!!! Thank you so much for developing such a wonderful program and making it available to us!!!”

    Mrs. Ann Kleinhans

Amanda Griffith

“My son is super excited to practice. He immediately shows off how he has mastered the previous songs and can’t wait to learn more. Each song is taught in small bits, repeated several times and then he has to “teach” me the small bits. This really helps him to quickly learn new songs… Amanda is always positive and reassuring.


Simply Music

Simply Music is a revolutionary, Australian-developed piano learning method that offers a breakthrough in Music education. This remarkable approach has students of all ages playing great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues
and accompaniment pieces – immediately…


Stanford Jazz Workshop

Jazz Showcase Combo, Stanford Jazz Workshop 2010 from SymphoneTV on Vimeo.

Amanda Griffith plays “Softly As A Morning Sunrise
with Michael Carder at the Jazz Society of
Santa Cruz…


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